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l. j. smith slash: secrets revealed...
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This is a community for discussing and posting slash fanfiction based on L. J. Smith's books. L. J. Smith is the author of: Night of the Solstice, Heart of Valor, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, and the Night World series. Slash is fanfiction depicting characters as queer (female/female, male/male, etc.) or in queer relationships or situations.

This community is a friendly, laid-back place. Please read and follow the very simple rules and don't cause drama. Thank you!

Rules for discussion:
1. Please keep all discussions on the topic of L. J. Smith slash.
2. Please do not post intro posts unless they're somehow relevant, i.e. include your favorite LJSlash pairings or fics.
3. No memes/quizes/surveys unless they are specifically LJSlash-oriented--in which case you may only link to them and not post your individual results, except in comments to the original post.
4. Posting about how you hate slash is not allowed. Keep it in your private journal, or open up an anti-slash community, or whatever you want, as long as you keep it out of here.
5. You may make a post to pimp your LJS site or community once, whether or not it includes slash, unless it is not slash-friendly. Generally speaking, posting about a non-LJS community is not allowed, unless said community allows but is not focused on LJS or LJS fic.
6. Although we expect a certain level of maturity, this is still an all-ages community. Please keep any adult content behind an lj-cut.

Rules for fic:
1. All fics posted here will be archived at Desires Unveiled unless you specifically request otherwise.
2. Please use a header for your fic that includes all of the following info:

Rating: (fics with sexual content must be rated R or higher)

You can include whatever else you want in the header, too; this is just a basic guideline to make archival easier.
3. Please place all fic (except for the header) behind an lj-cut to minimize friends-list clutter for the other members.
4. And, obviously, all fic posted must contain LJSlash. It doesn't have to be explicit or anything, but the intended subtext must be there.

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And...that's pretty much it! Have fun, and if you have any other questions, just ask your friendly neighborhood mod, lm!
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