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LJSanta is on!

(This is cross-posted to several LJS communities. Apologies to those of you seeing it multiple times.)

LJSanta was on last year, but on a slightly altered schedule, so some people missed it. This year, though, it's on in December. For those of you unfamiliar to the project, you sign up to write a Secret Santa fanfic (read: don't tell anyone what you're writing!) for a fellow LJS fan. In return, someone else writes a fic for you. Everyone wins! (Personally speaking, some of my favourite LJS fanfics have been written for LJSanta.)

Note: This is for the books ONLY. We are including the ghostwritten VD and SC books, since they use the same characters and operate within the same world, but the TVD show and TSC show are not allowed.

For more information, to read previous LJSanta stories, and/or to sign up, please visit lj-smith.com/ljsanta/. Sign-ups end on November 25. Please be sure to consider the deadlines and requirements before you sign up.
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