Pith (pith) wrote in ljslash,

LJSanta is back!

First off, apologies to those of you who are subscribed to many LJS-based LJ communities. You'll be seeing this post a lot today. I am either a mod here or I know the mod, and have permission to post this. (I.E., Don't post advertising of your own without permission.)

But it's for a good cause, because LJSanta, the Secret Santa project for the LJS fandom, is back! I missed it during its hiatus, and I know I'm not alone. LJSanta has resulted in some of the best fanfic in this fandom, in my opinion, and it's always been a fun ride.

The timeline is slightly different than in past years, so even if you've participated before, read the rules again. Sign-ups end on December 5, so hurry and join in on the fun!

For more information or to check out the fanfic from previous years, go to the LJSanta site: www.lj-smith.com/ljsanta/
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