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Do you dare play a game? Calling all roleplayers.

I'm the recruiter for the newest addition to the collection of the various L.J. Smith roleplaying games; Spellbinder 2.0. I'm not sure of whether or not you've played any of LJS's roleplaying games prior, but most of the ones I'd seen throughout the years have been forum-based or email-based - which really is not too much fun as it takes so much time. Ours, on the other hand, is chat-based, all the sessions will take place on AIM, disregarding the one-on-one private sessions you may want to have. Anything is possible, and any character can be chosen given they are not already taken. The game will be joining all of LJS's books, and the story is written by *you*.  Friendships are made, stories are developed, plot-twists occur. Spellbinder 2.0 is escapism to the maximum.
 There is a lot more I can add, but I feel you would understand much better if you would simply join. If you have any questions, feel more than welcome to email me at And of course, for those of you who are bolder, you can directly join through our website: You will thereafter be contacted by either Rose, the co-owner and Webmistress, or myself regarding an audition. Never roleplayed before? That's quite alright, as well, we'll teach you how it is done. Do you have what it takes? Are you *truly* a dedicated fan?
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